Rescue Organisations in NZ

Rescue groups adopt abandoned, abused, stray or unwanted pets and provide a comfortable home for them. Rescue groups are mainly initiated and operated by selfless volunteers who find these animals and safely take them home. They care for these pets by tackling their behavioural patterns, playing with them, handle their medical needs and train them till when they are recovered and relocated to a better permanent animal shelter home.    

Animals that fall into this rescue category in most cases include dogs, cats, in other cases, birds, reptiles, rabbits are also rescued. For animals with different breeds like dogs, rescue groups may specialize in special breeds, for instance, they might be interested in rescuing only Labrador Retrievers or Hunting dogs as the case may be.

Recently, a step has been taken further from domestic pet rescue to that of wild animals such as Cheetahs, Lions and Tigers. These operations are often supported by conservation charities and zoos. The aim of these rescues is to make the animals are fit and healthy again, they are finally sent back to the wild or In cases of endangered species, they are kept back.

After these animals are rescued, they need shelters which are provided by ‘Animal Shelters’, a group responsible for providing safe havens for the animals come in. Working quite closely with rescue groups, they take the animals from rescuers and house them. Some differences between these two groups are – Rescue groups raise funds mostly by donations and volunteers while Animal Shelters source their funds from the local governments. Shelters place animals mostly in on-site kennels and shelter homes while rescue groups use facilities and personal homes.

Animal Adoption from Rescue Organisations in NZ


Before animals are ready to be let out for adoption, the rescue group will deem it fit and healthy. Since rescue organisations in NZ are non-profit and volunteer-run, they only charge you for the pet excluding all the fees for the picking of the animal and other expenses (veterinary, vaccination, food, training and neutering) that would have been used on the pet. Many stages of application are involved in the process of pet adoption, they include


  • Application completion

  • Veterinary Reference Check

  • Time constraint check of adopter

  • Proof of address

  • Interview conduction (by phone or physical)

  • Home visit (vaccination check for animals in the surrounding)

Rescue Organisations in NZ

New Zealand is a home to wildlife and as expected, there will be a good number of rescue organisations, some are them are listed below: 

FeralNation & Cat Rehabilitation: Based in Wellington, they specialise in rehabilitating maimed felines and  rescuing feral cats

UHARS (Upper Hutt Animal Rescue Society): Founded in 1967 and based in Upper Hutt, this charitable organisation takes the responsibility of providing shelters for abandoned and unwanted animals.

HUHANZ: Renowned as the foremost no kill animal home in New Zealand, this organisation has taken remarkable steps to provide shelter and sanctuaries for stray, abandoned and unwanted animals. HUHANZ ‘s base is at Otaki, Upper Hutt


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